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Timing and Auditory Prediction Study ~ Helping Scientists Understand How Adults Perceive Sounds

Timing and Auditory Prediction (TAP) Research Study:

Earn up to $80 by helping scientists understand how adults perceive sounds The Sinha Lab at MIT seeks adults aged 18-50 years to participate in the TAP (Timing and Auditory Prediction) research study. TAP aims to understand how adults process words and other sounds. The TAP study involves:

  • Online Home-Based Session: Completing an eligibility questionnaire (5 min, $5), and if eligible, answering additional questions about daily life (25min, $10).

  • In-Person MIT Visit: Visiting MIT to complete the following

  • ~1.5 hour EEG session] - 20-30 minutes setup (placement of sensors on your hand/head) and [45 minutes to 1 hour] listening to sounds/sentences, and responding on a keyboard about the content

  • ~2 hour Behavioral session - computer-based puzzles or questionnaires, and basic assessments of language, memory, and cognition (interacting with a researcher).

Adults 18-50 years old, with or without Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD, Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS) can participate.

Interested in participating? Click to learn more

Please contact Lindsay Bungert at with any questions.

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